“I just wanted to say a really big thank you to you for doing such an amazing job on my hair, it looked stunning. The bridesmaids loved theirs and my mum was totally over the moon with hers.

I couldn't believe how amazing you made me look, i had the picture of what i wanted, but in my eyes you made it look better than that, i really couldn't of picked a better hairdresser, so thank you so much.

We had the most perfect day, it was everything we wanted and more.

Thank you so much for everything, you helped in making our perfect day perfect"

 "I have been meaning to write to you for ages...since the wedding of course. Just wanted to say a huge THANKS for helping me, the girls and mum and nan for the wedding. I think you did an amazing thank you!!!
We had a perfect day and would love to do it all over again. I've attached a couple of pics for you."

“I am finally back from the Wedding and Honeymoon!! Feels like I have been on a permanent high for the past 5 weeks!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my hair and the bridesmaids.. Its stayed perfect all day and night and not once did I feel like it was uncomfortable or wanted to pull it out.. It ended up turning out better than the pic I originally picked.. Had a real modern twist but was elegant at the same time.. Thank you very much...

Thanks again for helping to make my day very special..”